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Abdullah was one of our favourite clients to work with!

Abdullah was one of our favourite clients to work with.

He had every reason to stop or not sign up. A new baby on the way along with a new job, it was the perfect recipe for finding an excuse to say no.

But he didn’t… Despite how crazy his schedule was, despite him having to juggle everything life threw his way, he stayed consistent and on track. What we were able to do was provide a system that made it easy. A system in which despite how busy he was, he could accomplish his goals.

After an in-depth nutrition and fitness assessment we got started.

We provided a personalized meal plan to his liking. Making sure the meals were easy to make and making sure he enjoyed them. Then we built a schedule for his workouts. Despite covid and being at home, he actually became more active and got his kids involved.

Seeing his results is one thing, but knowing that it has motivated him to keep it as a lifestyle is what makes us most proud. The results are easy, the habits are hard to change. And that’s what we try to focus on, rather than be extreme.

No crazy diets, no crazy workout plans, just a realistic and personalized plan that works for you.

Salim was the perfect example of dedication

Despite gyms being closed he stayed consistent and asked great questions and always did his best to stay on track.

He didn’t let any excuses get in the way to him reaching his goals. But what helped him the most was the system we created for him and his wife. There was no extreme approach, no crazy dieting or crazy workouts.

We provided him with a plan that was sustainable and one he and his wife can be consistent on. Our goal is to always eliminate excuses and make it as easy as possible to follow the plan. And yes hiccups will come along the way, and that’s ok. That’s what we’re here for, to help you through the downs and get back on track.

Salim and his wife did exactly that. They were also shocked by how great the meal plan was. How it matched South Asian traditional foods and still kept them on track. Your food can taste good and you should enjoy it. There’s no reason you can’t reach your goals and still enjoy the food!

That’s why it made it easier for him and it definitely shows!

Sehar transformed her lifestyle

“I got to know about Nazima through a friend. My husband was actually the person who heard about her and encouraged me to contact her. I was very very skeptical and it took me many weeks and a lot of reminders from my husband to finally make the call. When I first spoke to Nazima, I was a bit taken aback. She was like a breath of fresh air. If there was anyone who could help lose weight it was her. She was lovely to talk to and very confident she could help me.

Just a bit of background on my weight issues. I was never a size zero or even close but after my two back to back pregnancies, I had gained quite a bit of weight. Apart from that, I had lost all hope that I could lose even a few pounds. I was convinced that this weight is here to stay and this is my life now. However, Nazima helped me recognize my own potential and through her meal plans and one on one support we were able to see progress.

Let me tell you that it was not an easy journey. Honestly the first month after diligently following the meal plan plus exercise, when I lost 3 pounds and my husband lost 10 pounds, I was very depressed. It felt like I had put in so much hard work for very little reward. Nazima always encouraged me, gave me tips and pointers and also reality checks about healthy weight loss.

What Nazima offers is not a quick fix weight loss fad diet. It’s a complete lifestyle transformation. It takes time and effort. All the meals we prepare are thoughtfully put together. After some practice, I learned to plan faster and prepare meals more efficiently. Nazima educated me on proper nutrition and portion sizes. After working with Nazima for 3 months or so I was able to shed quite a bit of weight. It’s all about continuing to make healthy choices.

The absolute best part of working with Nazima was the one on one support. She was always there to guide me and I never felt alone. She helped me achieve my goals and cheered me on. Even when I felt like I didn’t do a good job, she helped me realize that I was still making progress and celebrated my little achievements.

Up to date, both my husband and I have lost 30+ pound and too many inches to count. Taking a chance with Nazima was one of the best decisions I have made. We are continuing to lose weight with all her meals, tips and pointers. I am grateful to Allah to have found her. she helped me and my husband get our lives back on track and gave us hope.”


Sadra makes better food choices

“I grew up making horrible food choices that lead to life-long obesity and the feeling of being trapped in my body. Every time I’d try to ‘eat clean,’ I’d give up after a couple of weeks and revert to my bad eating habits which included A LOT of carbs and sugar. After my second child I was determined to turn my life around and I knew I needed the accountability and expertise of a nutritionist or dietitian.

Nazima assessed my history and likes/dislikes when it came to my food choices. She provided some great meal options that I have grown to LOVE. Ahem, Avocado toast!! I loved that I was accountable to her for my eating and that’s just the push I needed to get myself on track. I was never a salad/vegetable eater and never enjoyed them yet she chose some great recipes that I continue to enjoy everyday. For once in my life I finally feel like I can enjoy clean eating and I rarely crave sugar. I love how my experience with her helped change my attitude towards food. I’m no longer eating clean and exercising because I hate my body but rather, because I love it. I feel like this is the mental shift I needed to make a long term change and I’m grateful to Nazima for helping me realize this!”


“I had my third baby in December and I’ve gained a lot of weight ever since my first pregnancy I just really wanted to lose weight but those google diets that I use to try just wouldn’t last longer than a week. So I purchased the Muslimahs meal plan last month and it’s honestly been the best decision ever. The food is healthier but sooo tasty! Nazima has the best recipes, they’re full of flavour and aren’t bland. She includes great tips and shows you how to meal plan (which is literally a life saver with three kids).

I lost 10 pounds the first month which is crazy! Because I’ve never lost more than two pounds with other diets that I attempted. The meal plan doesn’t have a diet approach. You’re still having all your meals and snacks too! I actually ate more when I was on the meal plan compared to before, but I’m eating right. I’m eating what my body needs not just junk. I don’t even want to start on how much this has increased my energy levels! And I need all the energy possible with having three kids back to back!

And best part is, that following this did not affect my breast milk at all! I actually even feel like my milk has increased! Thank you so much!!!! By the way this meal plan disciplined me with my food choices, I believe I will reach my goal sooner than I thought.”


Sajidah’s milk supply has increased

Maymunah lost weight in just the right places

“I purchased The Muslimah’s Meal Plan and I was impressed with the recipes. I don’t really cook or have a passion for cooking but I enjoyed making the meals from the plan. They are quick and easy and most importantly delicious!

I also signed up for additional 1 on 1 suppoet with Nazima, which was very beneficial and kept me motivated. I learnt exactly what I should and shouldn’t have on my plate and it has certainly educated me.

The best thing about eating healthy along with exercise was the results!! Just after 4 weeks I lost over 6 inches from the right places!!

I feel blessed to have come across Nazima, she has certainly given me the push I needed along with the knowledge required to keep myself healthier and happier!”


“I have alhumdulilah completed the Muslimah’s Meal Plan and what I love most about the plan is how easy it is to follow! I’m so glad I bought it, it has helped me shed 10 pounds in 1 month along with several inches off my body.

​I’ve been struggling with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for several years especially with being a mom of 2 alhumdulilah very active boys plus working part time.

I also received additional one on one support from Nazima and with her incredible support the entire way I’ve managed to gain a better understanding of food and fitness and how important it is in my daily routine. I’ve noticed how my salaah has improved, my sujood have become easier, and over all I feel like I have much more energy alhumdulilah.

Thank you and jazakallah so much Nazima, it’s been truly a wonderful experience completing these 4 weeks!”


Zainab’s salaah has improved