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Get healthier
& stronger!

Get healthier, stronger, lose weight, and achieve your goals without extreme dieting or spending endless hours in the gym!


This is Belal and Nazima here and we are dedicated to helping you get results that last Insh’Allah.

We have worked with men and women from all over the world and we want to help you too!

Results that Matter

In just 12 weeks, we have helped clients…


Lose weight and get stronger


Improve their salah


Improve their relationship with food (eat cake without the guilt + eat healthier and enjoy it)


Walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath


Decrease pain that felt like it was just a part of normal life


Improve their blood work results (improved blood sugar, cholesterol etc and decreased medication)


Actually enjoy healthy eating and crave vegetables

So What’s included?

Nutrition and Fitness Assessment With a Registered Dietitian and a Personal Trainer

Personalized Workout Program

Personalized Meal Plan With a Variety of Recipes

1-on-1 Follow Up Calls

Group Coaching Calls

Weekly Accountability and Check-ins

Access to FB Support Group

From Our Clients

“Being a dad of four I was skeptical about how consistent I could be. But Belal and Nazima provided me with a system in which it became really easy. I lost over 15lbs and got stronger in the process. This has become a lifestyle in which I can continue to follow. The best part of it all was that my kids love the meals too and I found ways to be active with them as well.”

“I purchased The Muslimah’s Meal Plan and I was impressed with the recipes. I don’t really cook or have a passion for cooking but I enjoyed making the meals from the plan. They are quick and easy and most importantly delicious!”

“I lost 10 pounds the first month which is crazy! Because I’ve never lost more than two pounds with other diets that I attempted. The meal plan doesn’t have a diet approach. You’re still having all your meals and snacks too! I actually ate more when I was on the meal plan compared to before, but I’m eating right.”

“I have always had a hard time being consistent with workouts and eating healthy. But the workouts Belal provided were easy to do at home with no equipment and it saved me time. We also enjoyed the meals and didn’t feel like there were any major restrictions. They both made it easy for us to follow and stay consistent.”

Apply now!

We take on a limited number of clients to fully support you during this transformation. Fill out this application form to see if we would be a good fit to work together. If selected, you will be emailed a timeslot to set up a call.