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Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

for Muslims!

No more giving up your cultural foods or having to do any extreme workouts. It’s time to lose weight, get fit and achieve your goals without any extreme approach while keeping your culture in mind.


Belal and Nazima here! We understand how tough it can be to reach your goals. Losing weight and getting fit can be difficult especially with all the information out there pulling you in so many different directions.

And that is precisely what we want to help you with. We want to make getting results simple and easy to follow along. Being experts in nutrition and fitness, along with being a part of the Muslim community allows us to understand what you really need. We don’t want you to get rid of your culture or the food that comes with it. Instead, we want to provide you with a system that helps you reach your goals and still allows you to have your favourite foods or having to workout 7 days a week.

Results that Matter

We have helped clients…


Lose weight and get fit


Build overall strength & endurance


Improve their relationship with food (Like eating biryani or baklava without the guilt)


Improve their cardiovascular health


Increase lean muscle


Decrease and eliminate nagging pain and injuries


Improve their blood work results (improved blood sugar, cholesterol, etc)

Success stories

Abdullah was one of our favourite clients to work with!

Abdullah was one of our favourite clients to work with.

He had every reason to stop or not sign up. A new baby on the way along with a new job, it was the perfect recipe for finding an excuse to say no.

But he didn’t… Despite how crazy his schedule was, despite him having to juggle everything life threw his way, he stayed consistent and on track. What we were able to do was provide a system that made it easy. A system in which despite how busy he was, he could accomplish his goals.

After an in-depth nutrition and fitness assessment we got started.

We provided a personalized meal plan to his liking. Making sure the meals were easy to make and making sure he enjoyed them. Then we built a schedule for his workouts. Despite covid and being at home, he actually became more active and got his kids involved.

Seeing his results is one thing, but knowing that it has motivated him to keep it as a lifestyle is what makes us most proud. The results are easy, the habits are hard to change. And that’s what we try to focus on, rather than be extreme.

No crazy diets, no crazy workout plans, just a realistic and personalized plan that works for you.

“Being a dad of four I was skeptical about how consistent I could be. But Belal and Nazima provided me with a system in which it became really easy. I lost over 15lbs and got stronger in the process. This has become a lifestyle in which I can continue to follow. The best part of it all was that my kids love the meals too and I found ways to be active with them as well.”

Salim was the perfect example of dedication

Despite gyms being closed he stayed consistent and asked great questions and always did his best to stay on track.

He didn’t let any excuses get in the way to him reaching his goals. But what helped him the most was the system we created for him and his wife. There was no extreme approach, no crazy dieting or crazy workouts.

We provided him with a plan that was sustainable and one he and his wife can be consistent on. Our goal is to always eliminate excuses and make it as easy as possible to follow the plan. And yes hiccups will come along the way, and that’s ok. That’s what we’re here for, to help you through the downs and get back on track.

Salim and his wife did exactly that. They were also shocked by how great the meal plan was. How it matched South Asian traditional foods and still kept them on track. Your food can taste good and you should enjoy it. There’s no reason you can’t reach your goals and still enjoy the food!

That’s why it made it easier for him and it definitely shows!

“I have always had a hard time being consistent with workouts and eating healthy. But the workouts Belal provided were easy to do at home with no equipment and it saved me time. We also enjoyed the meals and didn’t feel like there were any major restrictions. They both made it easy for us to follow and stay consistent.”

So What’s included?

Nutrition and Fitness Assessment With a Registered Dietitian and a Personal Trainer

Personalized Workout Program

Personalized Meal Plan With a Variety of Recipes

1-on-1 Follow Up Calls

Group Coaching Calls

Weekly Accountability and Check-ins

Access to FB Support Group

From Our Clients

Despite being doctors during the pandemic and juggling parenting, Dr. Hamza and Dr. Mahira, were able to see great results in only 12 weeks while being a part of The Healthy Muslims Program.

Another success story

In just 12 weeks, Sarah was able to see amazing results and by being a part of The Healthy Muslims Program she was able to:

Skip the calorie counting
Enjoy food
Enjoy treat meals
Eat the same meals as her family
Regularly exercise no matter how busy she was

How to Join

Step 1: Fill out the application form

Step 2: You will receive an email invite from us within 48 hours for an enrollment. In this call we will be reviewing your goals and struggles, answering your questions, and seeing if we would be a good fit (email will come from info@thehealthymuslims.com)

Step 3: If we determine you are a good fit, you will be invited to join The Healthy Muslims Program and will get started within the week!

Hear it directly from our happy clients!

Juggling work and school is not easy! Aamna is a med school student and Suffian works full time while taking additional courses. Even with their very different schedules, they were able to work together and stay consistent with our guidance.
Being a husband, parent, teacher, an imaam, and a community leader is probably one of the toughest combinations to have. And yet, Shaykh Omar has been able to succeed with The Healthy Muslims Program.
“I lost 10 pounds the first month which is crazy! Because I’ve never lost more than two pounds with other diets that I attempted. The meal plan doesn’t have a diet approach. You’re still having all your meals and snacks too! I actually ate more when I was on the meal plan compared to before, but I’m eating right.”