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Malai Kofta Curry with Turkey Meatballs


As you plan your menu, I would like to share a delicious kofta recipe that you may want to add to your weekly menu! This Malai Kofta Curry features ground turkey meatballs and a smooth luscious sauce.

I am sure you have had kofta curry before, but if you haven’t tried it with ground turkey, you are missing out! The spices complement the turkey beautifully creating a delicious flavour profile. This makes it ideal for a summer dinner party and will leave all of your guests asking for the recipe!

 I used ground turkey thigh for this recipe and blended it with onions and spices for juicy meatballs. Along with being a flavourful choice, turkey is packed with protein – perfect after a period of fasting. It’s a delicious way to feel energized and satisfied, and keeps your muscles healthy and happy. Turkey is a lean protein, even the dark meat, providing 30 grams of high quality protein for every 100-gram serving!

Head over to Masala Mommas for the full recipe

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