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the healthy ramdan tour

Hosted by nazima and belal
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Want to get the most out of Ramadan?

Belal and Nazima will be touring Masjids/centres throughout the Greater Toronto Area to help the community have a healthy and energized Ramadan.

The goal will be to teach how to eat healthy and workout during the blessed month. Inshallah, this will help you be more energized throughout Ramadan and make it easy to lose weight.

The presentation will consist of the following:

  • The importance of having a healthy Ramadan
  • Health benefits of fasting
  • 3 Key Components of eating healthy during Ramadan:
    • Suhoor
    • Iftar
    • Post Iftar
  • Key takeaways for a healthy Ramadan
  • How to stay active during Ramadan
  • Benefits of staying active during Ramadan
  • How to alleviate common pains during Ramadan

Meet Nazima & Belal

The authors of The Healthy Ramadan Guide

Nazima Qureshi

Nazima Qureshi is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with a Masters of Public Health. She aims to help make healthy eating the easy choice through a cultural lens.

She is the founder of Nutrition by Nazima, which provides evidence-based nutrition information for Muslim women through workshops, programs, and individual counselling. She is the author of Eat Better, Feel Better, Live Better.

Belal Hafeez

Belal Hafeez is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert who is passionate about bridging the gap for fitness in the Muslim community.

He is the founder of Stronger with Belal, in which he helps Muslim men become stronger and lose weight through in-person and online training. Not only does Belal have clients internationally, but he also makes it a point to host community events whether it is for the youth or his annual Healthy Ramadan Tour.

the healthy ramadan guide

A Complete Meal Plan and Fitness Program for your Healthiest Ramadan Yet!

Are you ready to have a productive Ramadan that doesn’t require you spending hours in the kitchen? You may get overwhelmed just thinking about all of the cooking you will have to do for Ramadan. It doesn’t have to be that way!

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