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Why You Should Be Active During Ramadan

Fitness | Ramadan

There are many be benefits to working out during Ramadan.

This Ramadan is going to be much different than ever before. Not only are we going to have an isolated one, but daily physical activity will be significantly decreased. Most people are already less active during the month of Ramadan and now with no work or family events, it will become even less. 

So it becomes even more important this year to make sure we have a plan in place to keep ourselves active. 

There are many benefits to staying active during Ramadan, here I’m just highlighting a few that are important to remember and to focus on.

Increased Energy Levels
Believe it or not, a workout should actually improve your energy levels. Especially during this month, you don’t want to drain yourself. You have lots of time during the year to go all out during a workout that pushes your limits. However, your workouts during Ramadan will give you a boost of energy.

Improved Mental Health
Working out has a significant impact on our stress and overall mental health. Especially during this month when we are trying to do so much and add extra prayers, it does get a little tough. Your workouts will help take the stress off. Plus this year’s Ramadan will be a very isolated one. Not the communal one we are used to. So it will be even more important we stay consistent on our workouts to help manage our mental health.

Improves Strength & Mobility
The last thing you want is to not be able to sit or stand for prayers for long periods of time because your lower back or knee is bothering. Focusing on improving your mobility and strengthening your core will have a huge impact on reducing aches and pains. You will notice a difference in your overall strength from a day to day perspective but also be able to get more done.

Work on Your Fitness Goals
This month is the best time to help build a strong foundation. To take a step back and refocus on the fundamentals. Working on your stability and movements will make you stronger in the long run. Staying active will also help you lose weight by burning more calories. Of course, what you eat will be key, but your workouts will help significantly.

If you are missing your gym or don’t know where to start, be sure to get your copy of The Healthy Ramadan Guide here for a full workout program as well as recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, and more!



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