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You have questions, we have answers.

How do I join the program?

We have limited spots in the program to ensure we can maintain the quality and provide clients with the needed support. In order to join the program, please fill out an application form and schedule an Enrollment Interview Call. In the call, we will determine if you are a good fit for the program and if you are, invite you to join the program.

Can I join the program if I have health conditions?

Yes! Gaining control of your health is closely linked to your nutrition and fitness. You will be working with a Registered Dietitian who will be able to provide you with personalized recommendations to help address your health concerns.

Will I be able to do the workouts?

Workouts are developed after a fitness assessment and will be tailored to your fitness level and goals. Whether you are a beginner or a regular gym goer, the workout programs will be developed to see your fitness level and goals.

How much does the program cost?

We share the price of the program on the call once we are 100% certain we can help solve your problems and you’re someone we want to work with. If you are interested in the program, you can schedule a time to speak with us and we can see if you are a good fit.

Will I like the food?

The meal plans are personalized to your goals as well as preferences. You will be trying a variety of recipes over the 12 weeks and inshAllah you will learn to enjoy healthy food!

Do I need any equipment to do the workouts?

In the fitness assessment, we will determine your goals and fitness level as well as what you have available to you. The workouts can vary from at-home to gym workouts to help you meet your goals.

Will I be able to follow the program if I am busy?

The goal of this program is to help you develop healthy eating and fitness habits while reaching your goal, no matter how busy you are. We work with your schedule to make sure you are able to make your health a priority.

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