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Breastfeeding and Fasting in Ramadan – Free Online Seminar

Thursday, March 24th @ 6pm EST

About the event:

If you are breastfeeding this Ramadan and are wondering how you can fast without compromising milk supply, this free online seminar is for you!

This hour long seminar will cover:

  • Considerations to be made before deciding to fast
  • Foods to eat to maintain milk supply while fasting
  • Signs to stop fasting
  • Q & A

This event is FREE!

Optional: You may purchase a copy of The Healthy Ramadan Guide in order to have a full meal plan to follow throughout this month. Nazima will be referring to how to make adjustments to this meal plan to make it breastfeeding friendly in the seminar.

*Please note: this is in no way suggesting that fasting is mandatory while breastfeeding. There are many women who choose to and are able to fast while breastfeeding. This seminar is providing information for women to do so in a safe manner, without compromising milk supply.

The Healthy Ramadan Guide

by nutrition expert Nazima Qureshi & fitness expert Belal Hafeez

This guide simplifies healthy eating and exercise, allowing you to enjoy delicious food and stay active, without losing focus on the priorities of this blessed month.

What’s included:

  • Full 4-week meal plan
  • Weekly grocery shopping lists
  • Healthy recipes for suhoor, iftar, and post-iftar snacks
  • Full 4-week fitness program
  • Mobility routine to reduce aches and pains

Plus FREE SHIPPING for the US & Canada!

The Healthy Ramadan Guide includes:


The Info

Learn and understand the health benefits of fasting, practical suhoor and iftar tips, as well as how to fast under certain circumstances (diabetes, breastfeeding, digestive issues, other health conditions). You will also learn and understand more about fitness while fasting including cardio, strength training, and mobility.


Meal Plan

You get a FULL 4-week meal plan with portions, grocery lists mapped out for you


Fitness Program

A full 4-week fitness program with variations for at-home and gym workouts


Over 50+ flavorful and healthy recipes with nutrition info

Pre-Salah Mobility Routine

Ease your salah aches and pains with this daily mobility routine


You’ll get FREE access to the Ramadan Support Group (a $97 value), and printable PDFs of all grocery lists, the meal plan, and the workout plan (a $20 value). Plus FREE SHIPPING for the US & Canada!

Get you feeling more energized throughout your fast, so that you have more energy for things that matter like ibadah
Help you finally lose weight during Ramadan that will carry over after the month as well
Get rid of the aches and pain most feel while having to stand long periods of time during taraweeh

Teach you how to eat in an optimal manner at suhoor and iftar, whether you want to follow a strict meal plan or will be eating most of your iftars in social settings

Provide you with the exact exercises to do during Ramadan and also information of when and what is the best form of exercise during Ramadan

About the speaker:

Nazima Qureshi

Nazima Qureshi is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with a Masters of Public Health. She is a two time author, a food journal entitled Eat Better, Feel Better, Live Better, and The Healthy Ramadan Guide. She has been featured in CNN, CBC, Canadian Living, Self Magazine, Globe and Mail, and NY times.

Nazima has helped many women be able to successfully fast while breastfeeding in Ramadan. Whether it is a handful of fasts or the full Ramadan, Nazima provides evidence-based nutrition recommendations to make this possible. Personally, she has successfully breastfed her babies and fasted two Ramadans and plans to for this coming Ramadan as well.

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